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If you have an existing SAP R/3, APO, or BW implementation, then let's go for a test drive....

.with ITSapiens's Catalyst! Vrooommm.

Learn how to maximize your investment in an existing SAP R/3 implementation with the addition of SAP's new dimension products like SAP APO and BW. We can provide you with a catalytic converter that can rapidly get you up and running on these new dimension product platforms so you can start reaping the benefits of these powerful tools. We want to help you jump-start your project with standard content/design provided in SAP APO and BW.

We can have you up and running at your location, using your data, in your system landscape, in only a few weeks.using ITSapiens's Catalyst!

Catalyst is the ultimate methodology tool.designed and developed by ITSapiens.

Our program includes:

  • Implementation of Standard Business Content on an SAP R/3 - APO - BW system.
  • Standardized templates for requirement definition, design documentation and project plans.
  • On site consulting and availability of our experts.
  • Deliverables include a final presentation of an operational R/3 - APO - BW system (with your data!) based on requirements, a complete Implementation Project Plan, and a Resource and Cost estimate for production implementation.

The Catalyst Value Proposition:

  • Simply because our team has been there, done that and we vouch for our confidence!
  • We have done this right numerous times in multiple industries, at multiple clients in multiple countries and have demonstrated the success of this approach time after time.
  • Our team is our biggest differentiator. Our seasoned experts will allow your staff to familiarize themselves with the features of SAP R/3 - APO - BW system and help them easily visualize how this would integrate within your organization.
  • This serves as a pilot case study which can be demonstrated clearly to the stakeholders and steering committee members before you make a proposal for a full blown implementation.
  • This approach provides you with a chance to clearly define the scope of the work and also provides a platform to demonstrate functionality to other users within the organization so that there can be a consensus and alignment on the desired functionality.
  • Provides you with a better understanding of how well SAP APO and BW Standard Business Content will support you business processes.
  • Will give you a better understanding as to the condition of your data, and how much clean-up might be required.
  • It allows you to intelligently assess whether SAP APO and BW are the right tools and platform for your company.
  • This effort will serve as a strong foundation and provide significant leverage to your implementation project.

The Catalyst Process:

  • Accelerated Design Session - On Site (1 week)
  • Design and Configuration with Review Session (4-8 weeks depending on scope)
  • Documentation and Clean Up (1 week)
  • Final Demonstration and Deliverables (1 week)

The Catalyst Program Deliverables:

  • The Roadmap - A high level scope and timeline document for your implementation
  • The Project Plan - A high level project plan for a rapid implementation, with resource requirements
  • The Cost Estimates - A high level cost analysis which covers consulting and other implementation costs
  • The System - Preconfigured and ready for launching a production implementation. Highly leverageable work which can act as a very good catalyst for your project timeline

Please contact us for your free test drive of Catalyst and learn how to jump-start your SAP R/3 implementation.

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