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The Accelerator methodology is focused on elimination of waste and maximization of benefits through out the life cycle of our customers supply chain solutions. With that specific purpose in mind, we partner with our customers and with SAP's supply chain software SAP APO. more>>

(Generics and Branded Business)

Casestudy:Ranbaxy Labs
Want to model approppriate level of details for scheduling purposes versus approximation; have deep regulatory constraints and industry specific requirements; high demand fidelity in the generics space; decartilazation of continous manufacturing process;Accurate QA and QC modeling....
Try Optimatics Accelerator

Casestudy :SONY
Want to model trans-international VMI; effective sub-contractor material and capacity management; fairsharing and allocation of inventory required to meet your target delivery dates at ITSapiens, our domain experts will help you deliver a world class integrated supply chain system.

Facing challenge to model forcasting for clinical trails; management of freeze thaw tanks in the product lifecycle; effective subcontractor leased capacity management; campaign planning of bulk supply; active ingredient management and potency of drugs. Give us a call...


ITSapiens Accelerator Test Drive


APO rampup at a glance

Supply Chain collaboration with partners: Vendors/ Customers

SAP RF Solutions


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Ranbaxy runs SAP

Danone's SAP APO success story

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