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The Accelerator methodology is focused on elimination of waste and maximization of benefits through out the life cycle of our customers supply chain solutions. With that specific purpose in mind, we partner with our customers and with SAP's supply chain software SAP APO. We strongly believe that waste elimination is both in our customers and in our long term interest.

Our experience has shown that the following categories of waste are particularly damaging to achieving sustainable supply chain improvement:

Poor project scoping: Many supply chain improvement projects are doomed to failure, cost overruns, and disappointment even before they get underway due to poor project scoping. Not so in the Accelerator methodology. Guided by our methodology, we partner with you to ensure that projects are initiated with valuable and obtainable benefits that can be realized in a few months and at a manageable cost.

Poor integration of Data and Design: Many supply chain projects prove massively wasteful and time consuming due to poor integration of design, configuration, and data activities. While our competitors continue to push methodologies with the underlying assumption that "system design", "system build", "data collection" and "testing" can be performed in a neat and clean sequence, experience has time and time again demonstrated that it doesn't work that way. The Accelerator methodology, enabled by our Optimatics Accelerator tool, enables tight integration of design, data and testing/validation from very early in the project. This allows us to deliver better solutions faster through smaller and less costly projects.

Going live with immature solutions: Over the last couple of years, there has been numerous publicized stories about fortune 500 companies suffering severe business losses because they went "live" with immature supply chain solutions. In most cases, the root cause for those failures link directly back to the reasons listed above. Inefficient use of resources and time, frequently leads to significant project cost and time overruns. Those overruns, in turn, drive businesses to go live before their solutions ever have been fully tested. Not so in the Accelerator methodology. With our tool, you will see how the solution will operate with full scale production data BEFORE you go live. This approach delivers dramatic savings, reduces go-live risk, and accelerates benefits compared to our competitors methodologies.

Wasteful Repetitive Reinvention: During the implementation of supply chain solutions, consultants configure your supply chain solutions based on your business needs. This needs analysis usually takes up lot of time. We do not re-invent some of the common needs. Our Optimatics Accelerator tool allows us to gather the requirements directly from the business users within no time. Once the tool captures the requirements, it is smart enough to process the inputs and gives a set of outputs which jumpstart your supply chain project.

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