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Warehouse Challenges and Nuances

  Increase Efficiencies Through

  • Efficient Flow of Goods in Warehouse
  • Interleaving of Tasks to prevent Empty Hauling
  • Auto Correction of incorrect Placements/Putaways
  • Easy to Use Handheld Transactions with Real Time and Tight Integration
  • Seamless Integration between Warehousing and Supply Chain
  • ERP system on Handheld

Cost Reductions

  • Resource Optimization
  • -  Interleaving of Tasks:
    • Picker and Receiver Role Interchange
    • Push Deployment of Work Items
    • Auto Worklist Management - Reduce paperwork
  • Context Sensitive Real time "Txn. Success and Error Message Handling"
  • Standard / Pre-Configured - Out of the Box Solutions (addressing GAPs too)
  • Easy to Support and Upgrade Solutions - Common Technologies
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