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  What is SAP Console?

SAPConsole is a front-end product that translates GUI screens into text screens to display on a character-based device. The SAPConsole itself does not include any business logic. It is intended as a solution for customers who wish to use character-based RF scanning devices and do not want to have specific software on each device.


  • Ability to use Text boxes, Radio buttons, Check boxes, and Push buttons.
  • Can handle multiple sessions.
  • Function keys can be re-mapped to user requirements.
  • Bell signals and error messages are supported.
  • Good bar coding features.
  • Smart blank line suppressions.
  • Good translation facilities.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Easily customizable screen size and layouts.
  • Auto tabbing to specific fields for input.
  • Menu management.
  • RF monitor.

IT Sapiens SAP Console Capabilities:

  • Receiving - Vendor Purchase Orders, Manufacturing Process Orders, Production Order Confirmation, Inbound Deliveries, Unpacking, Stock Placement, Palletization.
  • Transfers – WM Transfers, SU Management, Cross-docking, Production Supply Areas, Backflushing, Manual Putaway, Directed Putaway.
  • Labeling – interfaces with hardware.
  • WM transactions – Interleaving, Queue Management, Bin Replenishment, Interleaving.
  • Task and Resource Management (TRM).
  • Cycle Counting and Physical Inventory.
  • Stock reports.
  • Outbound – Picking, Packing, Loading, PGI, Transportation.
  • Shipment processing.
  • Returnable packaging.
  • Handling Unit Management

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