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SNP Differentiators

Team ITSapiens can help quickly translate your business requirements into technical specifications.

Here’s just a simple example of how we work:

What are your choices in SNP APO on required business functions?
SNP Heuristics and CTM Approach:

Functionality SNP -Heuristics CTM
Demand Prioritization Not supported in std functions in APO 3.0 Demands can be prioritized at location or location product level
Capacity Assumes infinite capacity. Have tools to identify capacity load reports Capacity constrained or Infinite capacity planning possible
Resource types considered Production, Transportation, Storage, Handling Production
Lot size Requirements Respects lot sizes (no respect to variable periodic lot sizing to model product wheels) Respects Lot sizes (periodic lot sizing
done in a work around time stream fashion)
Sourcing Quota Based Cost based (PPM, Transportation),
priority or quota arrangements
Periodic Planning Supports periodic lot sizes. Generates one order per period

Periodicity facilitated in Planning Books
Order by order planning tool most suited for Hi-Tech Industry
Product substitution Not supported Supported to facilitate promising

Capability based on inventory and order search in database
Complexity Minimal Based on supply chain can become complex
Product constraint Plan No Plan is capacity and material constraint
Fixed Pegging No Orders can be created with fixed pegging
Performance Not performance intensive Performance oriented and depends on Volume loads. (Take a Test Drive)
Parallel Processing Supported Supported

Comparison of different methods of APO planning tools and Traditional R/3 MRP:

Variations in Results

# Results Description R/3 MRP HEU OPT CTM
1 Multi location Support for Bill of Distribution Explosion (SNP PPM + Transportation Lane) N Y Y Y
2 Feasible Infinite Plan Feasible:

Technically possible based on capacity at daily bucket


Product Sequencing within the daily bucket is not considered i.e. plan could be accurate up to seconds
    Y Y
3 Optimize Plan Plan is optimized based on Penalty Minimization     Y  
4 Feasible Finite Plan Finite ? Product sequencing within the daily is considered.
(Note: This is different from optimize feasible finite plan which could only be done in PPDS)
5 Pegging Ability to link a supply element to a demand element via static or dynamic pegging       Y

Variations in Features

1 Calendar Support for Bill of Distribution Explosion (SNP PPM + Transportation Lane) Y Y Y Y
2 Product Master Lot Sizing
 Y Y Y Y
    Safety stock Quantity Y Y Y Y
    Lead Times        
    Planning both In (I) and Out (O) of production horizon Out Out Out & In In
3 Scrap Parameters   Y Y Y Y
4 Component Availability   Y Y Y Y
5 Transportation Lanes Sourcing decisions Y Y Y Y
    Sourcing optimization based on TL cost   Y    
6 Quota Arrangement   Use Update   Use
7 Capacity Availability Production   Y Y Y
    Transportation Y      
    Handling Y     Y
    Storage Y      
8 Product Level Penalty Minimization Storage Penalty   Y   Y(PC)
    Non Delivery Penalty   Y   Y
    Late Delivery Penalty   Y   Y
    Procurement Penalty   Y   Y
    Safety stock Penalty   Y    
9 PPM Alternate PPM   Y   Y
    Alternate Resource (Mode)   Y   Y
    Time Dependent Parameters   Y Y Y
10 Priority Product   Y Y Y
    Location     Y  
    Demand(Customer)     Y Y
11 Supply Category       Y  
12 Constraints       Y  
13 Pegging Network       Y  
14 Setup matrix -Respect transition time     Y Y
    -Optimize Transition Time       Y
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